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Shifting Global Education Landscape

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We are living in the most opportunistic time in history to provide a thriving education to every child in the world!

As the world shifts from the "mass production pipeline" systems of the Industrial Era to the "mass customization matching" systems of the Information Age, we are on the leading edge of the disruption of how education is fundamentally organized and delivered.

Parents are demanding choice, flexibility, and personalized learning for the education of their children.

Parents’ and educators’ options for the education of their children are exploding!   

To enable parents, educators and children to fully realize the potential this new era of education, we must re-organize education replacing mass production pipeline structures with mass customization matching-platform technologies.

Parents Demand Flexibility


Market Demand: U.S. Parents are Demanding Change…and Choice!

Roughly 45% of U.S. Parents representing 25,000,000 children want to leave

traditional forms of schooling to MATCH schooling to their children by exercising choice!

Source: 2021 “Schooling In America” Survey by EdChoice

Market Demand: U.S. Parents are Moving Children to More Customized Options for Education

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Graph private ed growth.png

Static, one-size-fits-all forms of education are in decline.


Personalized forms of education including utilizing school choice are rapidly growing!

Source: School Disrupted 2022, Tyton Partners

Educational Resources are Rapidly Growing

Growing Educational Technology Resources


Source: HolonIQ

Growing Forms of Flexible Public Educational Funding


Various forms of Private School Choice are now providing over $1.5B of flexible public funding to parents to access private/faith-based education across the U.S.  This will likely grow to over $10B annually by 2030 or sooner!

Source: 2021 “Schooling In America” Survey by EdChoice

Privately Funded Expenditures on Education Resources

Over $200B of private funds are spent annually on educational resources.

Roughly $80B is spent annually on core forms of private schooling.

Supplemental activities and product expenditures are over $150B per year and growing!

Source: School Disrupted 2022, Tyton Partners

With the Explosion of Educational Resources, how do parents and educators find the best fit for the learners under their care?


Millions of parents and educators have the same question: “I know there are many options, but how do I find and access the best learning resources matched to MY child?”

Global Marketplace Dynamics Transition

From the late 1800’s through the 1900’s, much of the world was highly influenced by the shift into the Industrial Revolution.  Organizations were designed for mass production and scale using “pipeline” business models.


The field of education was no exception.  Schools were organized like factories batching children based on their age into grade level cohorts.  Learning pathways for children were assembled by schools and school districts for batches of students resembling the pipeline mass production models of factories.


The 2000’s have ushered in the Information Age where technology-enabled “matching platform” business models are transforming industries by disrupting former “pipeline” models. 

Industrial Age
 “Mass Production Batching”

Information Age
“Mass Customization

Industrial Age to Information Age.png

Education is in the early stages of making this transition as well.  It is moving from the mass production pipeline structures of the Industrial Age to the mass customization matching platform structures enabled by technology in the Information Age.


MatchED will use the same technology-enabled matching platform architecture that has transformed many other industries to enable education to move from the “pipelines” of mass production to the “matching platforms” enabling mass customization.

Education Marketplace Dynamics Transition

Industrial Age
 “Mass Production Batching”

Information Age
“Mass Customization

In the current era of education, schools and districts use the mass production strategies of the Industrial Age to “batch” children into cohorts according to their age and where they live.  The “batch” they are in decides their educational programming and dramatically impacts their learning potential. 


In the new era of education, matching platforms for learning be new tools in the hands of all parents and teachers. They will use the mass customization strategies of the Information Age to “match” children with Learning Resources based on their passions, values, faith, and learning mastery not bounded by age, location or time. 

Pipeline to Platform Ed Design Pic.jpg

Matching rather than batching will ignite the passion and potential for learning and teaching across the globe.  It will also reintegrate the role of parents in shaping the education of their children. 


Making the match between educational resources and learners easier and better will  dramatically expand learning opportunities from the boundaries of a child's home or classroom to the growing ecosystem of educational resources available globally.  

MatchED will be a vital tool in the hands of parents and educators which recommends great education resource matches for MY child!

MatchED will be a parent-empowering, educator-empowering faith-embracing, matching platform making high-value, low-friction educational matches across the globe.

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