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Andrew Neumann

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Andrew is an educational entrepreneur, championing the advancement of learning opportunities for all children.  


As a homeschool dad, school choice advocate and career educator, he has spent the last 25 years building organizations expanding educational opportunities for children in many learning environments.  

He began his career as a teacher while obtaining his Ph.D. in educational mathematics. In 2006, Andrew joined Open Sky Education and serves as its Executive Chair/CEO. At OSE he has developed and grown HOPE Christian Schools, EAGLE College Prep charter schools, Compass after school programs, the Character Formation Project, and Soaring Education Services.


In addition to leading Open Sky Education, Andrew is developing two startups, MatchED and HMSS Advocacy.  He is a nationally recognized speaker on Macro Trends and Innovation in Education, School Choice, and Scaling Innovation in Education.  Andrew also serves on the boards of School Choice Wisconsin, School Choice Wisconsin Action, and the Institute for Missional Visioning.

Advisory Committee

Meet MatchED's growing Advisory Committee.

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