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MatchED will be a parent-empowering, educator-empowering, faith-embracing, matching platform.

We will apply the same technology-enabled matching platform architecture that has transformed multiple other industries to the field of education to turn the white noise of too many options and opportunities into low-friction and high-value matches.

MatchED assists parents and other educators to match children and young adults with Learning Pathway Resources aligned with their passion, content mastery and values to make learning fun, successful and inspiring.  Our ultimate vision is to make an expanding global ecosystem of Learning Pathway Resources available through low-friction, high-value matches that are personalized to every child.


Millions of parents/educators have the same question: “I know there are many options, but how do I find and access the best learning resources for MY child?”

Problem To Solve

Growing Resource Cloud: There is an exploding ecosystem of educational resources (funding, static content, adaptive digital content, programs, experiences, teachers, tutors, etc.) available locally and globally to support a child’s learning pathway.

Overwhelming Options = White Noise: The explosion of educational resources is creating a cloud of white noise leading to missing opportunities, frustration, and reverting back to less effective paths of least resistance.

Growing Demand for a Matching Tool: The growth of  homeschooling and microschools (now over 6M children nationally) along with parents using wraparound services to grow their children’s experiences and learning opportunities (tutors, test prep, camps, etc.) has created a large market of educators/parents with full flexibility to personalize learning.  However, it is very overwhelming and challenging to sort through all the options to find the right fit for their child.  

MatchED will be a vital tool in the hands of parents and educators which recommends great education resource matches for MY child!

MatchED Solution

Making the Match Easy: MatchED will make matching children and learning resources easier and better!

New tool for parents and teachers: MatchED will put access to billions of dollars of educational resources, sorted to match their own children, into the hands of parents and teachers. 

Parent and Teacher Empowering: By using technology-enabled matching platform architecture, and powered with crowd sourcing and artificial intelligence, MatchED will decentralize and democratize education.  It will shift power into the hands of teachers and parents to choose the best matches of educational resources and build learning pathways for each individual child under their care with ease.

Heart Mind Soul Strength: MatchED’s learner profile will include opportunities to track the holistic growth of a child in the areas of Heart, Mind, Soul and Strength

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