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Building Matching Platform Technology

Expanding the Possibilities for Learning Globally 

Our Mission


MatchED will be a parent-empowering, educator-empowering, faith-embracing, matching platform.

Our ultimate vision is to make an expanding global ecosystem of Learning Pathway Resources available through low-friction, high-value matches that are personalized to every child.

To enable parents, educators and children to fully realize the potential this new era of education, MatchED is replacing mass production pipeline structures with mass customization matching-platform technologies.

Our Team


Andrew is an educational entrepreneur, championing the advancement of learning opportunities for all children.  

As a homeschool dad, school choice advocate and career educator, he has spent the last 25 years building organizations expanding educational opportunities for children in many learning environments.  


Why Now?

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The growth of  homeschooling and microschools (now over 6M children nationally), supplementary educational services (tutors, test prep, camps, etc.) and school choice (ESAs, vouchers, tax credits) has created a large market of educators/parents with full flexibility to personalize learning.  However, it is very overwhelming and challenging to sort through all the options to find the right fit for their child.

MatchED will build and operate technology-enabled matching platforms to create low-friction, high-value matches between producers and consumers in education to make the new era of “matching” education easier and better.

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